$5000 Promotion for new home buyers!

Woodbend is happy to announce that we will be introducing a new promotion starting today. The first 10 home buyers will receive up to $5000's towards home upgrades (restrictions apply). Our promotion includes upgrade options such as landscaping, granite counter tops, upgraded lighting fixtures, upgraded kitchen finishes and upgraded flooring.

This promotion is limited to the first eligible 10 home buyers and only runs until May 1st, 2019. Ask your sales person for more details!

Please take a look at our gallery to see all the changes and growth coming to Woodbend Community.

**Single Family homes with a front drive garage will be eligible to receive up to a maximum of $5000 to put towards their upgrades. **

**Lane Single family homes, duplexes’, and town homes will be eligible to receive a maximum of $3000 toward home upgrades. **