Getting Rid Of House Clutter

Spring cleaning is a great topic to tackle for people looking to reduce some clutter at home or before a move. We will be looking at the ReStore program at the Habitat for Humanity, which items the Eco station will accept and some rough costs, and, lastly, some spring cleaning hacks everyone can do at home.

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a program that is all around great place to donate used household items. All proceeds of the items sold here go directly into building homes for those in need and serving families. ReStore is constantly looking for lightly used items such as clothing, furniture, and appliances.

Full list of items can be found here.

Not all items we keep are reusable and it is best to dispose of them properly. Many times we see people leave old mattresses, pieces of furniture and other large items at the local dumpsters. Not only are these eye sores for the neighborhood, but they are a hassle and extra cost for the city to get rid of.

Local Eco stations will take these items, for small fees ranging from $8 to take chairs and comparable items to $16 to take larger items such as fridges, freezers and kitchen appliances. Items such as automotive chemicals/tires, corrosive chemicals, electronics, paint and lighting fixtures are FREE! Full pricing list is here.

Lastly, spring cleaning doesn’t need to be difficult. There are a few easy life hacks, when it comes to giving your house the proper clean you’re looking for:

- Watermarks come out with a simple rub of a lemon. Use this to wash kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and shower doors

- You can polish your glassware with potatoes, as strange as that sounds. Using the skins off your potatoes

- To clean a microwave, put some cut-up lemons or cider vinegar inside a bowl of water. Heat up for full power for a few minutes. Let it steam for five minutes to remove odors and allow stains to be wiped easily

- Unblock a drain or plughole using boiled water and bicarbonate of soda. Next, a mixture of warm water and vinegar before pouring in more boiled water. This also works great for cleaning your dishwasher!

- To freshen your mattress, sprinkle some baking soda (with perhaps a few drops of your favorite essential oil) on your mattress, then vacuum the powder right up

Hopefully these spring break cleaning tips make freshening up your home for the new season much easier. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for all the latest community updates. Make sure to catch on some of our other blogs for new home buyers and other spring tips for your home!