Lawn Care Spring Cleaning!

Lawn care maintenance is much simpler than most homeowners might think. From brown grass, how dogs affect your lawn, to how to repair your grass from dead patches from compaction. Here are a few tips to make sure your lawn stays healthy and green for the summer season.

Winter road salt damage causes the edges of your lawn to turn brown closest to the sidewalks. A heavy watering helps clean out the salt chemicals from the soil. Remember to rake out any road gravel that may have accumulated on the edges of your lawn. Adding a thin layer of compost and reseeding these areas helps replenish the grass that does not grow back.

Dog urine, particularly from female dogs, contain high levels of nitrogen which is harmful to grass. The urine sits on the grass all winter and as we come out of winter, the snow melts, killing the grass. Creating mulched areas and training your dog to just use that area when they need to urinate will save you some lawn care in the long run. There are also special rocks you can purchase to add to your dog’s water dish that can help reduce the nitrogen in their urine. During the summer, immediately soak any areas to dilute it.

Compaction occurs when snow really piles up in certain areas. This causes your soil to compact and restrict oxygen from entering. The lack of oxygen stifles the growth of your grass and gives way to bare spots on your lawn, allowing weeds to grow quickly in these dead spots. The best way to treat your lawn, when it comes to compaction, is to aerate it. Use tools such as a plug aerator or spike aerator to help with this process. Leave the plugs for a day or so to dry out and then rake up the plugs. You want to make sure to remove plugs of soil as just poking holes can actually cause more damage to your lawn and prevent further oxygen from entering. Ask your local home improvement centre for more details.

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