Woodbend brings amenities close to you

Buying a home can be one of the biggest and most important purchases of your lifetime. Having convenient amenities close to your household makes a big difference especially when you consider the long winter seasons we experience in Leduc. When it comes to living in Alberta’s cold climate, traveling within the inner and outer city can be difficult. Long winters, extreme cold snaps, snow covered icy roads, deprivation of sunlight, the list can go on. In this blog we will take a look at the benefits of living close to community amenities and the benefits of having your favorite activities close by.

Keeping your price point in mind, it’s good to consider which amenities are available right outside your door or within your chosen community. A community that caters to the basic necessities such as parks, walking trails, shopping, recreation centers and family/pet friendly amenities prove to be much more successful and desirable. This, in-turn, helps with the resale value of your home. As the amenities become refined and more are built, your resale value will begin to rise as the neighbourhood becomes more desirable. Think of your community as a village within a city.

With price points being such an important aspect to purchasing a home, some neighbourhoods are priced outside of people’s home purchase budget. One solution is searching for a home with easy access to major highways or transit. Having accessibility to amenities via a major highway system helps to keep your options open. You can be more flexible searching for your dream home, while keeping the amenities you enjoy accessible.

Our community of Woodbend covers all three points . The product types we offer in our communities fit many different budgets. Our community amenities revolve around families with kids, pets, and single home living. We offer great access points to major highways and roads bringing amenities such as the Leduc Rec Center, the airport and quick access to Premium Outlet Mall, closer to you. Not to mention our community will have walking trails, a beautiful entrance feature and the Woodbend Market in the future.  

Visit our website for a list of all the nearby amenities, community photo galleries, and information on Woodbend.