Some Tips To Help Move With Children

The task of moving your household goods is arduous to say the least, but with children involved it takes it to another level. It is a big change for everyone, especially for children who may have always lived in just one spot their whole lives or are experiencing the anxiety of going to a new school and making new friends. Here are a few tips to make moving with your kids a simpler task.

Avoiding procrastination in your move planning will be your best friend. Start packing months, not weeks before your big move. Everything takes longer with kids, especially the younger they are. One suggestion would be to ask them to help in separating which pile of toys they are okay with keeping and which can head to a donation bin. It is a great opportunity to involve them in the move, while getting rid of some old toys that might be just occupying space. The more involved they feel, the less stressful the move might be for them. Some children have difficulty letting go of any of their toys, even when they have outgrown them. In this case, getting rid of toys while their sleeping might be a good idea. Sounds a little harsh, but it will save you a headache in the long run. Having a nice surprise in your new place for your kids like a new toy or bed will help them get over missing their old things.

Unpacking can be just as much work as packing. Looking through piles of boxes becomes a bit of a hassle when you are looking to unpack your children’s clothing or toys into their new rooms. One suggestion is using coloured duct tape as a way to keep organized. How many times do you pack toys or clothing for your kids and forget which box has what? This is a great way to stay organized and on top of unpacking things in your new place. Red tape for one child and blue for another. In the end children enjoy opening things, even if it’s just their own stuff that has been packed away.

Moving can be mentally exhausting for children as it is a big shift in their little world. All of a sudden their favourite spot in the house is gone, their room is different, their favourite park isn’t around anymore, and the list of changes can be overwhelming. If possible, try to visit your new location as much as possible before your move. Take them to the local park before the big move, have them walk the neighborhood and, if allowed, let them visit the inside of their new home so they have something to look forward to. Some closure with their old home may help as well. When the boxes are gone, take the time to say goodbye to their old home, rooms and their favourite spots.

With a little planning, moving can be made easier for everyone involved. Allow yourself ample time and your moving journey will turn into an exciting new adventure! Children may require just a little bit more time shifting their world around to settle into their new home and routine but soon they will be enjoying their new home as much as you and will share in your excitement. If you are moving into one of our fantastic new communities, we hope you have found these tips helpful.