Woodbend Leduc has light speed internet!

Leduc’s newest community has the fastest and most stable internet in Canada! Since the beginning we wanted Woodbend Leduc to be unique from the communities surrounding our new neighborhood. What better way to stand apart than by providing internet at the speed of light!

Axia is providing the residents of Woodbend with true fiber optic internet which in turn means, residents can expect to see download speeds of up to 1GBPS (dependent on the Axia data plan). Downloading an HD movie will take seconds.

Gamers and streamers rejoice, as Axia promises internet speed will remain solid and will not lag because your connectivity is not shared with other homes. Your internet speeds will remain stable, no matter the time of day or how many of your neighbours are online. Axia internet is uncapped and unrestricted, so for people that love video conferencing, or downloading HD movies, streaming video games, or streaming television, this service promises to provide you with the best connection in Canada.

Woodbend has award winning builders, the fastest internet in the country, and one cool community entrance feature! Why wouldn’t you choose Woodbend Leduc as your next community? Visit our showhome sale centres now and ask your sales person all about the great services of Axia!